So You Want to Be a Writer!


Many students dream of growing up to be a writer.

Award-winning author Heather E. Schwartz is here to help!


“So You Want to Be a Writer” is a fun

and informative hi-lo workshop presentation, perfect for:

  • Students with a niche interest (writing!)

  • Students with a short attention span.

  • Tech-fatigued students.

  • Students of all ages.

I’d love to visit your school or library in person (when that’s safe!) 

to deliver full-length presentations.

What you get

A set of 4 pre-recorded videos

(about 15 minutes each), covering topics including:


  • My background writing more than 100 children’s books, including titles for Disney, Sesame Street, Time for Kids, and the Smithsonian. (Not to brag but to show what’s possible!)

  • Different ways to be a book author. No one ever talks about work-for-hire. I will!

  • Different ways to practice writing.

  • The ideal writer’s environment—perfect setting not required.

  • Locked Up for Freedom, my award-winning nonfiction book about a group of 11-16-year old Civil Rights Movement activists.

  • Snowcap Mountain Adventures, my new picture book series.


Email me!

Here's a preview - and yes, I'm making a weird face here, but it gets better!

Children’s author Heather E. Schwartz presents the fun and informative workshop "So You Want to Be a Writer" in four pre-recorded videos, covering the writing life, the creative process, research techniques, different ways to publish, and more. (She sings, acts, improvises, and generally gets goofy, too - it's not some boring lecture!) Educational for all ages, short and sweet for the tech-fatigued.

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