February 24, 2020

I'm a huge believer that if you want something badly enough, you will keep taking action toward it and achieve your goal. It may not look exactly like what you envisioned when you started, but you'll have something significant to show for your effort. Because really, the achievement isn't the thing. The effort is the thing.

February 11, 2020

I've been cast in a project! I'm excited! I'm scared! See, this particular project could leave my very face open to comments. And that - I think we can all agree - is never a good thing. There are haters out there!


But maybe I have the wrong attitude. People can also be very nice! Well, I've been coaching myself for a while now that when I become famous (look at me, not even putting that in quotes because I'm owning it!) I will not look at comments and such. Because there really is no need to make myself vulnerable to haters. They can say what they like, but I don't have to let it in.

January 29, 2020

Fleabag. On Amazon Prime. For so many reasons it's just the best thing I've ever seen. Content, plot, characters, and all that great stuff aside, it ends. The final episode of season 2 is the final episode, period. It is such a beautiful thing to witness a slice of life on the small screen, with an ending that's messy and in the middle, but still so deliciously satisfying. I want more. I don't need any more.

December 5, 2019

It's cold outside and snowy, and I'm happy because I ski! I've been working out three to five times a week for the past three months (a very new reality for me) and it really makes a difference on the mountain. Funny how I used to go all year doing nothing, then hop on my skis and wonder why it felt so difficult. This year I'm prepared, and skiing is already so much more fun!


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